Working @ IndiHire

indihire-lifeEvery team member counts at IndiHire.

Our professionals with decades of experience possess deep industry competency which they bring to the table while working with client organizations on the later’s talent related challenges. Our consultants deal with complex and demanding situations with complete empowerment that brings out their own as well as the client’s best. Advising demanding clients and talented executives on a daily basis adds richly to our experience and makes us stronger performers every day.

Our goal is to bring out your full potential by providing you a transparent platform, equal opportunity and a challenging work environment. At IndiHire, you will impact the growth curves of individuals and clients.

Life @ IndiHire

Transparency, Meritocracy, Challenge are the key tenets of our culture and core values, that cultivate an innovative, collaborative and high-energy work environment. Our diverse workforce consists of people with different capabilities, perspectives, abilities and experiences who contribute to the unique way that we do things at IndiHire.


Meet our team

At IndiHire, you will find a variety of people with interesting stories at a personal and professional level:

Suman Negi
“I have found IndiHire as a platform which doesn’t bound but bestow one with the wings of opportunities to fly high and guides to attain one’s supergoal.”

Josna J
“IndiHire is a great place to work and gives freedom to its employees to achieve their potential and reach greater heights in their career with a supportive management.”

Garima Nautiyal
“Working at IndiHire is a great experience for me. It is a people focused group & provides flexible working environment in which one can develop & make a difference.Here you will always have a voice no matter who you are. Ideas are encouraged & fully supported.”

Neelima Sahu
“ I feel great when I start my day addressing to new highly skilled requirements-It’s a continuous learning process for me; where I become more knowledgeable. I enjoy the team spirit at IndiHire.”

Reshmy Joseph
“I was very impressed with the people I met during the interview process, and my respect for the IndiHire team has increased over time. The Recruiting industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment, the opportunity to make a difference each day and contribute to the overall success of the company is deeply rewarding. The people I get to work with are the most enjoyable part of my position. We have a diverse team with a wealth of experience and subject matter expertise. The kind of exposure I have received has been phenomenal and has helped me mould myself into a well-rounded professional. I can proudly say that I work for an organization that encourages you to be innovative, gives you the freedom to do things the way you want to, and teaches you things that no business school can.”

Neha Salwi
“IndiHire has built up my confidence towards recruitment as a career.”

Shubha Srivastava
“IndHire is a place where everyone feels free to express their views with a belief that it will be valued by the Organization, which makes it special and unique.”


Join IndiHire

We are a strong believer in innovation and we believe each one of us is capable of it. Success at IndiHire is solely dependent on each individual’s eagerness to learn, create, innovate and collaborate. Along with a nice working environment, IndiHire presents some of the best opportunity to work with the greatest mind in the industry.

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