IndiHire RE-deployment (Outplacement)

indiHire-re-deploymentOur team has a proven track record, professional competence and networking abilities to bridge unique business challenge like ‘Outplacement’.

Our RE-deployment (outplacement) services are tailored to manage the process of placing employees of a company who have been made available due to a business situation. This could be a result of change in company business plan or downsizing, relocation of the business unit, etc. There are tremendous sensitivities involved with the talent ‘transition-out’ and requires professional facilitation of the whole process in order to secure positive experience for both employer and employee. There are companies seeking candidates with similar skills and experience and we come in to enable that process.

Our services are delivered through a very capable team comprising experienced professionals who bring with them rich and deep domain knowledge of the sectors through in-depth understanding of the market place. They have a proven track record, professional competency and assessment capabilities to understand and service people requirements of clients which are complex, dynamic and varied. This is ably backed by detailed research by a dedicated research team in mapping and analysing available opportunities in the market through online media, shortlisting a set of target companies who would seek similar talent and other networking opportunities.

Our team has strong previous experience in managing expectations; guiding individuals; directing them to right channels for finding new roles; aligning their thought process; and coaching them to use the situation more as an opportunity to shape their future careers rather than an abrupt and sudden challenge. This intervention helps give them a professional dimension to a challenging and difficult scenario. IndiHire has a natural advantage as their founders and senior consultants have deep and wide industry connects and networks. This could be leveraged in a challenging scenario.

Our RE-deployment services includes:

Communication support
We assist client Human Resources teams prepare a “communication” strategy to notify more effectively and to retain the dignity of those leaving.
Our consultants are available to speak with employees on the day of acceptance of their career transition option. We give an overview of service provision, and address specific concerns regarding family, finance, health, job market, relocation and so forth that an affected employee might prefer to discuss in private with an outside career professional.

Post separation support to the candidates
We help separated professionals start preparations for their future. Our philosophy is that we must always deal with the immediate needs, concerns, and aspirations of the people whom we support. Our service is driven by the goal of enabling each person to define and articulate a career transition target; and develop and execute a campaign in order to reach that target. All while shaping these actions based on the reality of the person’s situation and the current job market scenario. We start right from meeting the employee and packaging his details to advising on job search strategies, networking and effectively marketing themselves using social media tools. We run focused campaigns with our own clients and other companies.

Ongoing support
We realize that many people will have challenges finding a job in today’s difficult marketplace. As a result, we have developed an “ongoing support” approach that we propose for the benefit of the employees.

The overall approach followed is that of facilitating the candidates to have a pleasurable, effective and transparent “transition-out” experience.

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