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indihire-edgePeople are not your most important assets but the right people are.

Success depends on the quality of the search.

We are very cognizant of the fact that a mere theoretical match of skills and experience do not ensure a right fit for an organzation. Nowadays, most candidates get their resumes written by professionals, an approach that has serious drawbacks. Our team of eminent recruitment consultants with more than 100 years of combined experience stand firm in this belief. An old empirical theory states that a resume is the reflection of the candidate’s mind, knowledge and experience. In today’s time-constrained world, we find very few candidates who actually write their resumes themselves; in their own language, style and self-presentation. Hence, published resumes on job recruitment sites or even the ones forwarded by candidates in many instances fail to serve their purpose of creating a first-hand rough shortlist for a mandate given by a client.

The value of receiving a resume is diminished as we are unable to garner an authentic insight of the candidate from it. Further, merely mentioning a skill does not qualify a candidate for a job. The depth and width of a candidate’s knowledge cannot be gauged by simply reading the resumes. We have understood these gaps and therefore gauge our candidates’ calibre based on both tangible traits, some of which are verified through the resume and also non-tangible traits through interviews, questionnaires and panel discussions as per the situation. We have depicted the same in below diagram:


Hiring a candidate who is likely to fail in an organization affects both the candidate’s future as well as the company’s own prospects and plans. Choosing the right candidate is the most difficult challenge in the recruitment profession. It requires much more than mere human predictions, feelings, perceptions, or superficial deductions. It needs to be arrived at by a scientific yet subtle approach. It is hardly possible to determine a candidate’s suitability during a superficial interview. The true traits of a candidate can only surface through in-depth processes such as those that ask relevant questions that compel the candidate to think, analyse and make a decision.

Our consultants focus all their energies dedicatedly on the ‘Assessment’ element of candidate selection.

Set of sample questions are available on a separate page to gauge the competency of the candidate in certain areas. Please note that these is just a “Sample Questionnaire”

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