Importance of Communication

We may have read this 100 times before I strongly feel it is a backbone of any successful MNC, growing start up or even at individual level.

From a fresher ( management trainee as we all know ) up to CEO’s we all are aware of how critical and important communication could be , still we make few common mistakes and blame it on various aspect of work and life. In this post we would look upon few basics as to how and where communication needs are utmost important and how do we keep our check and balances in control.

Few rules , Do’s and Don’t with my own experiences.

  • Communication is always a failure unless it is received by someone. language can never be a barrier in communicating something. body language / tone ( if verbal) plays a critical role.
  • Acknowledgement is the best immediate appreciation. it could be as basic as saying thank-you.
  • Accepting challenges and responding in stipulated timeline boost the confidence of person who assigns the task.
  • Any big strategy which is brainstormed among top economist and business analysts will have least impact if not communicated to execution level properly. I have seen many organisation wondering why their strategy don’t yield best of desired results.
  • Change management sees highest obstacles only in absence of right & positive communication in any organization.
  • Holding communication , Open communication , Closed Communication .. some of the old and useful techniques in organisations which are thriving for success.
  • In recruiting domain, managing communication is more like an art , professional needs to know who to communicate at what time , timing of communication improves its impact if used smartly.
  • Communicating to masses and individual are suppose to different and to be handled tactfully , similarly responding to mass communication and individual communication has to be different. Please don’t mix up these two.
  • Communication can create better impact if big picture is taken into consideration.
  • There is nothing called negative communication , any communication which is handled loosely and doesn’t appeal to the audience can easily be categorized as negative communication.

Let’s communicate , Let’s communicate better !!

By Prabhat Mishra
Associate Director – IndiHire

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