Hi 5! to“my life”!

Recently we completed 5 years of our journey of IndiHire. As they say, journey should be full of ups & downs and I bet – this was no different. Straight from the ‘’temple” of recruitment industry, learning A.B.C. of recruitment after spending 15 years, – 5 years ago this was really a naive & quiet start.

When we embarked on the journey, the mind was unsure of the direction of our journey, heart used to palpitate much faster frequently, hands would shiver occasionally and eyes would wander to find the path. As we were trying to make a place for ourselves, we would encounter many such moods & moments. Somehow we just kept on rowing amidst all these emotions & euphoria. What started as a small dream has now become 85+ strong family today.

I get reminded of enjoying a ride in village style small ‘Disney’ set-up during my childhood on a ‘spinning wheel’’. This will have small boxes on a wheel to accommodate kids like us and then it would go on spinning – over n over for 2-3 minutes – we would scream out of our hearts with laughter and would try to soak the whole exhilaration & intensity of the fun event. It truly feels the same feeling all over again that someone has turned the ‘’spinning wheel’’ 5 times over. 🙂  Sometimes going upside down, sometimes spinning to left, sometime to right from left, sometime head down from the top on the spinning wheel, sometime faster, sometime slower; Oh boy, we survived! I must admit, there were many ecstatic & intense ‘minutes & hours’ through the journey; bottom-line is that we are 5+ years old today.

Heart goes out to thank all our partner colleagues – current & past,our customers, our candidate community & vendor partners for all the contribution to this journey. During the ride, I un-learnt and learnt much life changing experiences of my professional life and wanted to share a few prominent ones:

Being a manager means managing more of me: Ever since I first became a manager in the corporate set up way back in 1998, I always tried to manage my team members.   Being a manager always meant that I have to be in full control and my thinking is to be imposed on the group. Discovered during this journey that, being a manager of someone essentially means managing oneself than managing one’s team. It really meant managing more of my own thoughts, prejudices, biases, moods, emotions, discretion, perception than managing too much of one’s team members. Assuming at the first place itself that everyone is quite able & gifted has really altered the thinking. Actually being a manager is more of managing myself and less of managing one’s team.

Build relationship without attaching strings to it: Learnt that each relationship is always tied with a ‘delicate’ thread and never with a strong rope. This ‘delicate’ thread represents a) thinking win-win b) abundant mindset c) collaboration d) trust & respect e) lastly, not building expectations into it. Weaving lasting human relationship is always about – not attaching strings to it. Always reminding me that the earth is round and what one gives away, it always circles back. There is abundant bounty for everyone in each honest relationship and every relationship must not be bound by give & take theory. The movement it is so, it crumbles! A healthy relationship always has the spirit of collaboration, trust, respect and responsibility which brings value & life-lasting rewards.

Positivity keeps one sailing: Each profession has its own challenges & dark spots. Appreciating them the way they are and marching forward with the goal in one’s mind is the only answer in order to be able to stay afloat in this volatile world! The past 5 years have taught that one must stay positive through the journey that things will always fall in place and it’s gonna be great. Positivity is such an adrenaline that will keep you always pumped up to the top of the world.

“The +1 way” of interaction: Imagine that one is at X value in an interaction or a dialogue or customer delivery and X is considered a standard deliverable at that moment. Always aim & attempt to leave the “experience” not at X but at X+1 ie more than expected. Be it at workplace, with colleagues, customer community, vendor partners or candidate community – this always brings that extra value and creates all round happiness. That means leaving someone better than one found initially, it is so simple! Every successful interaction requires bringing in right knowledge, hard word, innovation and running that extra last mile. I call it “+1” way of thinking & doing.

Hard work-NOW!Everyone does tons of hard work every day, however what I really found was hard work-‘now’was the only differentiator. ‘Now’ refers to being ‘relevant’, ‘at the moment’ and ‘is truly aimed at solving a live business problem’–this will always bring result & success. It is so powerful that luck jumps to your side. There have been tens & hundreds of moments which proved time & again that harder I strive for something NOW, luckier I get. Believe me, that smile at the end of the day after you played labour of hard work – NOW is a sensational experience.


Over the past 5 years, these 5 thoughts have greatly shaped me for what I am today. And the journey goes on and I am sure to find my 6th, 7th, 8th &…….. 🙂

Gratitude to all our ex colleague partners – who left their indelible mark on what IndiHire is and the current ones – who are tirelessly busy trying to make a difference in each of their interaction.

Today, I am inspired by this mysterious ‘life’ that always unfolds, unravels, and discovers each passing moment with something new, something exciting and something worth living for!

Inspired by this life, we share a small video on the completion of our 5 years of journey.

Video Link : Inspired by Life

Hail life! and I give Hi 5 to ‘my life’!

By Shambhu Agrawal
Managing Director – IndiHire

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