Fall in Love Again, with your Job

I am on cloud 9, have unbounded energy, everything looks rosy, time flies, mood is elated and I have my dream job, I always want to stay here. Then as time flies, I don’t feel the same. No nice folks, too many demands, I am dragging myself through the routine, I need more space, I have more mood swings and I want to go somewhere else.

Is it the job ? Or is it something with how I am viewing it ?

Initially it could be that I love my job and love everything that I am doing and I am productive… I am happy and then I get into my comfort zone and here I do enjoy my work but start noticing irritants and difficulties. The novelty starts to wear off. Finally, I start focusing on negative things. I become dissatisfied and bored and I do not like anything. I have fallen out of love with my job.

How do I rekindle the thrill I felt when I first joined the job ? Reliving it will be a good way to start falling in love again. How to love my job with a sense and reason so that I won’t keep falling in and out of love with it ? I am listing below a few tips that I came across while reading various articles on the internet.

  • Keep motivating yourself towards attaining excellence
  • Hang around with happy people
  • Dress yourself for the job as you did on the first day
  • Look around for roles that will stretch you professionally
  • Do your job well. It will be rewarding and stimulating
  • Start thinking “out of the box” and do not be afraid to take risks
  • And never lose your sense of humor. Anticipate having a stimulating and productive day

My happiness depends on how I decide to look at my job and feel about it. Also, I need to look beyond the salary slip because true love is not materialistic!! And it’s not found it’s built.

By Vandana S Chawla
Principal Consultant – IndiHire

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