Did you spend time with the most important person today?

Breathe deeply : pause : reflect : learn : move forward

Daily to-do lists, work, chores, constant notifications popping up on mobiles! Sounds familiar? Nothing wrong with this as it’s part of our daily routine. There’s neither any fixed prescription on how to live our life nor is there any hard and fast rule on the way to do things. We just need to keep moving, discovering, and achieving. All sounds great. However, we get so caught up with this journey in our own unique way that we forget to pause and holistically take stock of ourselves. What are we doing, where are we heading, what else should we be doing? Is everything fine tuned in our personal, family and professional matters? It is these questions that we need to answer.

Just as we carve out time for meals, exercise and yes, even Netflix, likewise we need create those quiet moments and corners in our if not daily life atleast weekly , away from the noise, to sit and think. To reflect on all the great things accomplished and also on things which could have been better or new things to be done.

To quote the great sage, Swami Vivekananda, “Talk to yourself at least once in a Day, otherwise you may miss a meeting with an EXCELLENT person in this World.”

This really gives us a great reason to talk to the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON i.e., me.

There are numerous learnings hidden that could be discovered during this “mind repair and maintenance” period. This time with ourselves helps what needs to be corrected / rearranged / reorganised / adopted / embraced.

Our own Shree Narayana Murthy once wrote that during his high growth days at Infosys, just before going to sleep – he would reflect on day’s happening, recycling for a better next day. We all know the results.

Take time out this weekend to talk to yourself – the most important person in your life. 😊

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