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Are you a recruiter and are you about to Mass Mail on a candidates database?

Wow, you got a new role to work on and client informed it was damn hot. You start hitting clicks after clicks on database / job portals and suddenly you realize – let us reach out to potential prospects via mass mailing. So that I have few interested folks in my inbox tomorrow morning for […]

Active listening

I attended a training program on Active Listening, empathy etc. the other day at work. I remembered each and every slide that day/ that hour. Today after about just a week… I just remember a few keywords enjoyed the session, I thought I will remember everything, but… Active listening is a forgotten key to success […]

Change is indeed Good

Isn’t April that familiar month when most of us are bootstrapping for the new financial year, new business/new vision, strategy /offsite team meets to plan for the new financial year, creating that strategic vision and goal for professional growth. ……What about personal growth? Are we unbundling this unlimited potential within each one of us ? […]

Importance of Communication

We may have read this 100 times before I strongly feel it is a backbone of any successful MNC, growing start up or even at individual level. From a fresher ( management trainee as we all know ) up to CEO’s we all are aware of how critical and important communication could be , still […]

Job Satisfaction and Home Problems

The concept of Job Satisfaction has been understood in two ways. In a narrow sense, it refers to satisfaction with specific factors in a job such as wages, supervision, co-employees, working conditions and benefits. In a comprehensive sense it refers to a generalized attitude towards the job factors outside the office and individual factors such […]

Personal Rigidity

When we talk about Personality, rigidity occupies a significant place. It is responsible for the consistency of personality and without this, the behavior maybe unstable. In its negative form, it may incapacitate the individual from making appropriate flexible adjustment in life situations. In Psychology rigidity refers to an obstinate inability to yield, a refusal to appreciate another […]

Why Innovate

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Innovation as a new idea, device or method; the act or process of introducing new ideas, devices or methods. And where can this Innovation happen ? The obvious answer is the Research and Development Department of any organization. Is it why every organization has this department?Is Innovation centered to one department ? […]

Fall in Love Again, with your Job

I am on cloud 9, have unbounded energy, everything looks rosy, time flies, mood is elated and I have my dream job, I always want to stay here. Then as time flies, I don’t feel the same. No nice folks, too many demands, I am dragging myself through the routine, I need more space, I […]

Robust Performance Management System- 5 key ingredients

In an ever changing and challenging business environment, quality of leadership can make or break an organisation. While leadership and its impact is much widely researched & acknowledged, in this article I want to focus on a key lever that  leaders have which can help them drive organisational goals more effectively i.e. performance management system. […]

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