Are you a recruiter and are you about to Mass Mail on a candidates database?

Wow, you got a new role to work on and client informed it was damn hot. You start hitting clicks after clicks on database / job portals and suddenly you realize – let us reach out to potential prospects via mass mailing. So that I have few interested folks in my inbox tomorrow morning for sure. It is another method of reaching the potentials but at most of the times very hazardous.
It seems all so easy. Put in a search criterion, a list will appear, draft your email, and send to all. If you have access to job portals, you can try mass-mailing on weekly basis. This would get the attention of both, fresher and experienced candidates. It can help spread quick awareness among your target audience.


We should deliver only the messages the user wants to receive. We have to avoid looking like a spammer. Below are a few suggestions on how to do so.

  • Send emails only to those who want it. Spammers write to many people who do not want their mail. To avoid being perceived as a spammer, maintain some mailing list; use some opt-in method of subscription.
  • It is recommended to send mass-mailers to users up to 5 years of experience. 8 years and beyond are to be taken a senior people and targeted mails should be sent. This parameter of experience is to be given importance, along with the skill set keywords ofcourse.
  • Consistently manage your lists by paying attention to hard and soft bounces as well as inactive recipients.
  • If your messages are being blocked or you are being asked not send mails, look closely at those responses and be sure you’re addressing the problem. Sending your mail to users who are not reading them, or who may even mark them as “spam,” will almost certainly hurt your reputation.

Respect the user’s mailbox

  • Ensure that you have put in the search criteria correctly when searching for the resumes and spend some time verifying the list generated. Scan through a sample set of resumes to verify that this is indeed the list you want to send out the mailer to. Use common-sense when using a mass-mailing feature
  • Honor the frequency of the list’s intent. Do not keep sending mails on a daily basis if a weekly or a monthly mail could do.
  • Ensure that any SW you use has an opt-out facility for the user.

Use a consistent “From:” header address

  • Your domain name is an important element of your brand. Using it consistently helps us and your recipients to distinguish your email from spam.
  • Using a static From: address helps users who have set up filters to route messages to a specific folder.

Pay attention to your email’s content

  • Test your email’s look and feel with image placeholders. Many users won’t see images in your email by default
  • Last but not the least, please add a line in bold saying – if you don’t like receiving messages, please drop a mail mentioning NO in the reply.

Potential good candidates may not take this in an appropriate way. This amounts to invading their privacy and intruding to their mailboxes equivalent to spamming. More so, a candidate may not take that recruiter very seriously.

Far from simply mass mailing your resume, the work of a good recruiter is something that is extremely involved. It is unfortunate that there are some “bad apples” among recruiting firms. There is truth to some of the horror stories floating around. It is also true that recruiters who try mass mailing blindly fail. Beware of such recruiters, as they do not help their candidates.

By Vandana S Chawla
Associate Director – IndiHire

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